IMG_0965Mary Barker is a storyteller, a musician and a therapist who views life as an educational experience on the road of eternity. She holds a Master’s of Behavioral Studies Degree in Counseling Psychology and practiced psychology for a number of years.

Mary weaves stories drawn from her life into a psychological and spiritual tapestry to demonstrate and clarify to readers how the seemingly unrelated pieces form a puzzle that when clicked together make it all make sense.

You are here for a reason. You have lessons to learn. Life is not a meaningless jumble with no rhyme or reason and her mission is to teach you to see that for yourself. Mary shamelessly and boldly analyzes her own life in order to assist you in summoning up the courage to go to uncomfortable places deep in your soul in search of answers.

Mary Barker has been lovingly referred to as a “Retention Specialist.” Those who are ready to give up, those who feel this life is just too painful, meaningless and unmanageable can hear her stories and see pieces of themselves in them and find renewed hope. She is relatable, strong, yet loving and an example of an enthusiastic “never say die” attitude. Helping you see that you have exactly what it takes to do what you came to do is her mission.

Mary knows that if she can face the struggles she has faced and keep forging ahead, using the stumbling blocks as stepping stones….. so can you. No excuses. Go big because going home is not an option.



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