Silver Linings

Look at the world with the wonder of a child. Have fun, just for the fun of it. Look at the world with new eyes. Endings,although painful, are openings for new beginnings. Endings are transitions into new beginnings. Close the door and move on to a new adventure.

Don’t allow endings to block your view of a hopeful future. Endings may cause confusion and sadness for a period of time but don’t allow those temporary emotions to keep you from envisioning the joy and happiness that new beginnings will bring into your life. You only must allow the new beginning to come in.

Look back on what you have learned through the pain but do not allow that to sabotage a future filled with happiness and wonder.

Think deeply. Love profoundly. Find those you resonate with and gather them in close to you. Appreciate what you have and be grateful for those around you.

Look deeply and find the new through child-like faith and wonder.

Tell the past goodbye. Close the door on it. The past does not have to be repeated if you learn the lessons you were meant to learn, take the good, discard the bad and move on.

Remind yourself over and over again to look for the silver lining and on that, place your focus.